Since 1973, we have been working on delivering the best faucets so you can manage water with ease, we still thrive to do so. Not only do we bring you the best quality, our designs are unmatched in the market today. We like to innovate and introduce new technologies in Bangladesh like we have done with the aeretor systems. Our goals for sustainable design and energy consumption comes alive with it.

Our passion for uncompromising quality, technology, service an innovative design is know and embraced. We aim, with your help, to be advocated as the go to product of choice in the bathroom for consumers and professionals alike.

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We take pride in being one of the most renowned and appreciated faucet manufacturing company in Bangladesh, after achieving remarkable growth in the industry over the past four decades; we have attained prominence as a leader in the Faucet Industry. I would like to take a moment and thank all of our clients and customers for your immense support and faith in us and helping us create and share a harmonious and pleasant work culture.

Sharif Metal is committed to excellence, we strive to live up to the expectation of our consumers buy offering innovative, export quality products and maintaining personal relations with each and every of our clients. At the end of the day, it's about listening to our customers and working together to achieve their goals. As we look into the years ahead of us, we pledge to remain committed to excellence and keep on bringing in new innovative ideas and work on new ways to provide clean water and reduce wastage for a sustainable Bangladesh.

(Mohammad Omar Faruque)


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Design, Inspiration & Thoughts

Our designs are inspired from the world around us. From a tiny ant to fictional spaceships, everything helps us realize our ideas which we can then shape into beautiful bathroom pieces for you. We treat our faucets as jeweleries for your bathroom that also holds a very key functional purpose in our daily lives. But we don't stop here, we make sure it will be with you for years to come, we do not like compromising quality. We bring your bathrooms luxury that lasts.